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About Us

Our gym contains world class machines and free weights.


Your journey to fitness starts here.

Our qualified, friendly staff will help you decide the membership package to help you achieve the look you want – you will be surprised at how little it costs to change your life. 

Cardiovascular Zone

Nautilus Plus has a whole range of cardio equipment, including treadmills, cross trainers, the latest Concept Two rowing machines.

Bike Zone

We have a dedicated cycling area with upright and spinning bikes all ready to challenge you to go that extra mile. This includes the incredible Watt Bikes - the training tool of champions.

Free Weight Zone

A huge area is dedicated to Free Weight training with Olympic bars and plates from 1.25 to 25k. Dumbbells range up to 57.5k and all can be used with the array of adjustable, flat, incline and decline benches, Squat Rack and 3D Max Rack. You can also use the cable multi gym incorporating a multitude of exercises.

Machine Zone

A vast range of the world renowned Nautilus Nitro – selectorized strength equipment designed to move with the body to increase performance leading to unprecedented results. Feel the difference.

Functional Training Zone

Functional Training – “designed to train the body for the activities performed in daily life” Used in conjunction with cardio and strength training you will improve your overall fitness, agility and strength. On site at Nautilus Plus we have a range of functional training equipment including Kettlebells, Power Bags, Boxing bags, TRX system, Medicine and Swiss Balls, Nautilus Freedom Trainer and much more.

The X Cube 

A stand alone unit designed to be multi-functional. Use it for dead lifts, rope work, box steps, and a whole lot more.